I’m Rick Astley, and you can ask me anything, again!

[edit 1.12pm ET: Thanks for tuning in, I've got to go, my band are destroying my studio right now & I need to buy them a beer. Take care and lots of love – Rick x]

Hey Reddit,

Since my last AMA I’ve had a burning hole in my soul that only you can fill, so I’m back!.

I've had a a great time recently touring with Take That around the UK and you can see a video of some of the antics here in my version of Giant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf5jK46Cwe8

I’ve also gone a bit bonkers recently and made a spoof of Calvin Harris’s Fly Eye Glasses video. 'WTF' I hear you say? Well in that case have a watch and read the description too for some much needed context. https://youtu.be/LBHfRE3aE7c

So with all that said, strap yourself in and grab a cup of tea!

P.S. I still love you /u/thebad_comedian

Proof: https://imgur.com/G5Phmur

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