Four Tet Releases Live At Alexandra Palace LP on Bandcamp

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Four Tet just dropped a huge set of music of his fans, recorded live earlier this year at London’s Alexandra Palace on May 8-9th.

You can get it here on his Bandcamp page.

Tracklist is below, and well, like his live shows, it seems a bit hard to categorize. But trust me, after seeing his Coachella 2019 set, I was blown away by the music he was spinning in April this year and his May shows obviously took things one month further into his progression. Dude is a genius of sound, can’t wait to give this a few (or 30) spins.

1. Starting 01:32
2. Part 1 15:59
3. Part 2 10:59
4. Part 3 36:33
5. Part 4 39:17
6. Part 5 06:35
7. Ending 02:36

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